June 11, 2018

Understanding The Emotes in Player Unknown Battle Ground

When PUBG Emotes were launched as an addition to the game, the players were excited. It has arrived both on the live and test servers on PC. The good thing about Emotes is that they make communication easier. The players need not have to mess around with a mic.

How to use Emotes in the game?

You can use emotes with ease. To use the same, you will have to do is to bring up the Emotes menu. You can press (~), in case you use the US Keyboard. If your keyboard is the European version, you should press (‘). You can use these keys either ways. You can find the former in US Keyboard under the escape key. Of course, you can change the key using the settings menu.

Once the menu is out, you will have to just point your mouse in the direction. Then, click on the emote that you wish to use. Here is how the emotes will look like:

As all the emotes are numbered, you can press on the appropriate number to use an emote. It means that once the image above shows up, press the number on your keyboard. So, you can avoid moving your mouse around.

One point to remember here is that you cannot use emotes to change perspective. You cannot use them for peeking around corners when you are in the first person mode. Also, they are for cosmetic purpose only. So, they will not have any impact on the gameplay. Click here for more PUBG hacks, aimbots and more!

How to Use Emotes?

When you take the number of emotes, they are 12 in number. They are numbered 0 to 9 and you will also find a + and a – emote. The number 0 is to show taunt and 1 is for waving. If you wish to thank a fellow player, you can press 2. If you intend to nod your head, you should press 3. If you wish to clap for one of your fellow team members, you should use 4. Do you feel like laughing, then 5 is the emote you should use? How about surrendering to an enemy? The number 6 will come handy for you. If you wish to show your anger, you will have to use 7. In case, your intention is to threaten an enemy, you should use 8. If you want to shake hands, you will have to use 9. The plus symbol is to point and the minus is for calling someone to come near you.

The emotes feature is soon to hit the mobile version of PUBG. So, you can keep your fingers crossed, if you are a mobile savvy. As you know, emotes are just for communication purpose. They will not bring any positive changes to your gameplay. But, your intention to move forward in the game will be met only by tools. To get the tools, you can use pubg wallhack. The hack tool will help you play with extrasensory perception. Of course, I can hear you saying, this is what I was looking for.